Goals / Mission


Mission Statement

Awaiaulu reconnects and bridges knowledge from Hawaiian historical resources to today.


Purposes and Activities

Awaiaulu, Inc. is organized exclusively for educational purposes, including:

  • perpetuating and advancing use of the Hawaiian language,
  • training Hawaiian language translators and editors,
  • generating Hawaiian language books, translations, and other educational material for use in colleges, universities, high schools, research arenas and many sectors of the general public,
  • researching, translating and re-presenting Hawaiian language texts from the past for modern Hawaiian and English-language audiences.


Funding to carry out these programs is provided primarily from grants, contributions, contracts, and sale of publications.


Awaiaulu achieves its Mission and Purposes through the following activities:

  • The production of accessible resources.
  • The development of resource people.




ʻIke Kūʻokoʻa was successfully completed on Nov. 28 2012, and the files are being loaded up onto the web for free access through the following websites.  Awaiaulu and the ʻIke Kūʻokoʻa team extend a sincere mahalo! to all of those who made this possible through their participation and support.  


Aloha nō,

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