Boxed Version
Three hundred copies of the two-volume set are sewn and bound by hand by Gregor Campbell in fine goatskin leather and green moiré fabric. The two volumes, numbered and signed, are enclosed in a handcrafted clam-shell box of archival board and moiré fabric.
Price per boxed set, $1,500 No longer for sale – 100 copies were sold to collectors here and abroad, and 200 sets have been set aside for the Landmark Initiative

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Moire FabricBoxed EditionBoxed EditionBoxed Edition



Slipcased Version - OUT OF PRINT
Five hundred of the two-volume, numbered sets are bound in green moiré fabric and enclosed in a matching slipcase.
Price per slipcased set, $300 - OUT OF PRINT

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Slipcase Edition Slipcase Edition Slipcase EditionSlipcase Edition


All proceeds fund future publications.

Ka Mo‘olelo o Hi‘iakaikapoliopele The Epic Tale of Hi‘iakaikapoliopele
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Ka Mo‘olelo O Hi‘iakaikapoliopele
The Epic Tale Of Hi‘iakaikapoliopele

The Centennial Edition

Ho‘oulumāhiehie's version of this ancient saga is one volume of this exquisite Centennial Edition set, its companion a complete English translation by Puakea Nogelmeier. Both volumes are beautifully illustrated with fine, full-color reproductions of Solomon Enos' images, commissioned for this project. Afterword, commentary and multiple indexes are included in the language of each text. Published by Awaiaulu Press, Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Centennial Edition, in two elegant versions, was designed by Barbara Pope. The text is composed in Minion and Uncial types, printed on premium text paper, Monadnock Dulcet, and embellished with marbled endsheets and a print by kapa artist Pua Van Dorpe. Each book is a large folio of nearly 500 pages measuring 9 x 12 inches. The two special edition versions, boxed and slipcased, are described at left.